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5 reasons why our Spanish Summer Programs are the perfect fit for your child

Summer means FUN. Summer time is usually a time where children enjoy the freedom of having no school responsibilities and all they want to do is to live the moment.   Some of the most wonderful memories I have as a child are from my Summer breaks. I remember staying up late at night with my girlfriends, attending amazing art programs, and exploring the world with messy outdoor activities. My personal goal this summer is to offer a super fun Spanish summer program that your child…

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Spanish Summer Programs in Central Illinois

This past Winter was very cold and long in Central Illinois, but believe it or not Summer is finally just around the corner and it will be here before you know it. Are you starting to plan your child’s Summer 2014 schedule yet? I know I am. As a parent, I know that I want my children to enjoy their Summer break, therefore, all the activities they will be participating in will be pure fun. Have you ever considered a Summer program for your child…

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Winter Fun in Spanish Class

This winter has been pretty rough and long, but before all the snow and cold weather goes away, my students and I decided to stop complaining about the low temperatures, amount of snow, and being stuck inside. Our thought was “if you cannot bit it, join it.” Conclusion: Have some ‘Winter Fun’ in our Spanish classes.  Who knew you could learn and review so many verb conjugations, articles, and winter vocabulary (among other things) while having so much fun!?! We got to eat snowflakes… …paint snow……

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I Am Thankful For… Estoy Agradecido De… {Spanish Audio}

¡Feliz día de Gracias! This week, we celebrated el Día de Gracias (Thanksgiving) in the classroom. Children were not only able to enjoy una comida deliciosa (a delicious meal), but they also played some juegos (games) where we were able to review colors and body parts by pretending to be turkeys… … and we put on a Thanksgiving play where I introduced all the vocabulary related to el Día de Gracias (Thanksgiving), and then students retold the story in Spanish using the felt board set. Target vocabulary {Spanish Audio}

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What To Do With All The Halloween Candy? Make A Piñata!

After Halloween, many of us end up with way too much candy just laying around our homes. This year, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of sweets we had, I was inspired to create a new and exciting lesson all about candy. So, we got to learn about piñatas and how to make them. Fun! The best part? Well, there are many really but to me, the best part is that after learning about the history of piñatas, playing games with candy, and making a piñata…

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‘Día De Los Muertos’ In The Classroom: Learning Together

In the classroom, my students and I have had a ton of fun learning together about el Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Children were surprised when I told them that we were learning together about this holiday and its traditions. Why? I had to remind my students that I am from Latin America and I am a Spanish teacher in the United States, but I grew up in Chile where we celebrate el Día de los Inocentes (Day of the Innocents) not Día de los Muertos (Day of the…

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5 Daily Spanish Activities Every Child Should Do

As a Spanish teacher and a bilingual homeschooling mom there are a few activities that I do on a daily basis in order to introduce, review, and reinforce the foreign language acquisition process. Most of these mini lessons and activities are what some would consider to be a part of circle time or a class introduction. 1. Calendar: days of the week, months, year, and numbers 1-31 Discussing la fecha (the date) in Spanish is a great addition to your circle time and a wonderful…

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7 Fall Activities To Do With Your Bilingual Child

Este otoño (this fall), I have made an effort to take my students and my own children to various locations to study nature so that we can learn about autumn and understand the world around us all in the foreign language. Here are 7 Fall activities to do with your bilingual child. Have fun! 1. Corn maze Find a corn maze near you and go! This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about what a map is, how to read it, and go over direction…

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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins today and, as a Spanish teacher and a bilingual homeschooling mami, I am very excited and proud to celebrate such important dates with my students and my children. What exactly do we celebrate during this month? “During National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) we recognize the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate the group’s heritage and culture.” via Hispanic Heritage Month website. Children love to learn. They may…

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Weather: Basic Spanish Vocabulary {audio}

El tiempo: Weather An activity that has to do with el tiempo (the weather) allows children to be hands-on and active participants. Giving children an important role where they can analyze the situation and arrive to their own conclusions is very powerful. They become more interested and motivated, therefore they tend to perform even better with their language skills. Basic Spanish Vocabulary about the weather in Spanish {audio} El clima (the weather) ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? (How is the weather today?) ¿Qué tiempo hará mañana? (What will…

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