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This Summer: Go Hiking! 5 Tips On How To Turn Hiking Into A Wonderful Scavenger Hunt Bilingual Activity

A scavenger hunt while hiking is the perfect bilingual activity for this Summer! It is also fun, free, and great exercise! This Summer I would strongly recommend you to go hiking as a family. There are many reasons why you should do such an activity, but did you know that hiking can be the perfect opportunity to introduce, review, and/or reinforce a foreign language? Here are some tips on how to go about it. 1. Together, create a scavenger hunt list in the target language. Before my…

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Money 101 for Kids: Save, Share, & Spend {bilingual parenting}

 Money… what does money mean to you? No matter what your thoughts are about money, in order to succeed in life, it is important to learn how to manage it. In today’s world, children are used to seeing adults swiping credit cards & debit cards in order to shop for things. If you think about it, from a 4 year old point of view, an adult only needs a plastic rectangle with numbers in order to get stuff. But how can we teach them about…

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Books about England

A Family Experience: Learning Together About England

This past month, my husband traveled to England for job training purposes. While he visited this amazing country, my children and I took the opportunity to study the United Kingdom in more detail. As an art project, we decided to replicate the United Kingdom‘s flag (see above). In this lesson, we were able to review primary colors and discussed various types of lines including the ones we used in this project which were various types of lines -vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.- We also replicated places…

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2014 Winter Olympics at the Leitch’s household

Winter Olympics? Yes, please! Learning about the Sochi Winter Olympics has been so much fun! Today, I wanted to share with you one of the most successful lessons I have done with my children about the Winter Olympics so far. What started as a simple PE lesson about Snowboarding turned into a language arts, foreign language, math, social studies, and much-much-more-kind-of-a-lesson. Priceless. I hope that you enjoy reading about our lesson and that it inspires you to create lessons of your own! (Please share. I am starting…

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¡Feliz! ¡Feliz! Happy Birthday To Me!

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Bilingual Homeschooling This past year, in November 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to write a guest blog post for Mommy Maestra titled 5 Things To Considering When Choosing Bilingual Homeschooling. The feedback I received after posting this article was very insightful. I am thankful for the opportunity Monica Olivera, founder of Mommy Maestra, gave me. In addition, this post allowed me to form wonderful connections with readers including multilingual families, educators, and other Latina bloggers. My goal to…

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Bilingual Craziness! ‘Un poquito de esto, a little bit of that…’

This past couple of months have been quite an adventure in our home. Why? Well, we started homeschooling a little over eight weeks ago and our family has been adjusting to the new ‘routine’ ever since. This adjustment has been… -what word should I use? oh yeah-… crazy. Although, I must admit that this is how I have always lived my life. I like things that are exciting and different. I live in the moment, and to many, most of my decisions are viewed as crazy. This craziness and love…

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5 Daily Spanish Activities Every Child Should Do

As a Spanish teacher and a bilingual homeschooling mom there are a few activities that I do on a daily basis in order to introduce, review, and reinforce the foreign language acquisition process. Most of these mini lessons and activities are what some would consider to be a part of circle time or a class introduction. 1. Calendar: days of the week, months, year, and numbers 1-31 Discussing la fecha (the date) in Spanish is a great addition to your circle time and a wonderful…

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7 Fall Activities To Do With Your Bilingual Child

Este otoño (this fall), I have made an effort to take my students and my own children to various locations to study nature so that we can learn about autumn and understand the world around us all in the foreign language. Here are 7 Fall activities to do with your bilingual child. Have fun! Basic Spanish Vocabulary about Autunm 1. Corn maze Find a corn maze near you and go! This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about what a map is, how to read…

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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins today and, as a Spanish teacher and a bilingual homeschooling mami, I am very excited and proud to celebrate such important dates with my students and my children. What exactly do we celebrate during this month? “During National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) we recognize the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate the group’s heritage and culture.” via Hispanic Heritage Month website. Children love to learn. They may…

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Let The Bilingual Homeschooling Adventure Begin!

Deciding wether to keep Contessa -our six year old daughter- attending a local elementary public school or to homeschool her was very difficult. Max -my husband- and I felt very overwhelmed because, as parents, there are so many factors to consider when the ultimate goal is to do what is best for your own children. Through out the entire decision making process we kept our daughter informed. Part of the reason why Max and I want to homeschool is to allow our children to think critically through…

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