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This Summer: Go Hiking! 5 Tips On How To Turn Hiking Into A Wonderful Scavenger Hunt Bilingual Activity

A scavenger hunt while hiking is the perfect bilingual activity for this Summer! It is also fun, free, and great exercise! This Summer I would strongly recommend you to go hiking as a family. There are many reasons why you should do such an activity, but did you know that hiking can be the perfect opportunity to introduce, review, and/or reinforce a foreign language? Here are some tips on how to go about it. 1. Together, create a scavenger hunt list in the target language. Before my…

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Money 101 for Kids: Save, Share, & Spend {bilingual parenting}

 Money… what does money mean to you? No matter what your thoughts are about money, in order to succeed in life, it is important to learn how to manage it. In today’s world, children are used to seeing adults swiping credit cards & debit cards in order to shop for things. If you think about it, from a 4 year old point of view, an adult only needs a plastic rectangle with numbers in order to get stuff. But how can we teach them about…

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Books about England

A Family Experience: Learning Together About England

This past month, my husband traveled to England for job training purposes. While he visited this amazing country, my children and I took the opportunity to study the United Kingdom in more detail. As an art project, we decided to replicate the United Kingdom‘s flag (see above). In this lesson, we were able to review primary colors and discussed various types of lines including the ones we used in this project which were various types of lines -vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.- We also replicated places…

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The Impossibility of Deciding Between My Two Countries

Decidir Entre Mis Dos Patrias Es Imposible This past weekend, El Sur -a Chilean newspaper from my hometown- published an article about me and my life here in the United States. The article was part of the Penquistas Por El Mundo section of the Vida Social. The title of the article is “Decidir entre mis dos patrias es imposible” which translates to ‘to decide between my two countries is impossible.’ For my bilingual friends, you can read the article in Spanish here. Otherwise, here is the translated version of…

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¡Feliz! ¡Feliz! Happy Birthday To Me!

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Bilingual Homeschooling This past year, in November 2013, I had the wonderful opportunity to write a guest blog post for Mommy Maestra titled 5 Things To Considering When Choosing Bilingual Homeschooling. The feedback I received after posting this article was very insightful. I am thankful for the opportunity Monica Olivera, founder of Mommy Maestra, gave me. In addition, this post allowed me to form wonderful connections with readers including multilingual families, educators, and other Latina bloggers. My goal to…

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5 Tips To Traveling Successfully With Young Children {A Chilean Adventure}

Crying. Winning. Kicking. Complaining. Talking loudly. Having to go potty at the worse possible time… the list can go on and on. These are all types of behaviors and scenarios that, as parents, we would like to avoid when traveling. Ideally, we all want our children to behave, listen, and be respectful so that all other passengers and your own family can enjoy the trip. I have traveled with Contessa (6) and Alex (4) multiple times nationally and internationally since they were infants. From my…

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Questioning Little Minds {A Chilean Adventure}

Have your children flown on an airplane before? If so, what was your experience like? What did they think of it? How did they behave? Where they bombarding you with lots of questions along the way? Children are always trying to make sense of their world and attempting to understand what is going on around them. Asking questions is so natural and such a great way to learn.   Not to mention that human beings are curious by nature anyway, right? During our trip, we…

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Where Are Your Roots? {A Chilean Adventure}

Do you live far away from your native country? How often do you get to travel back home? If you have children, do you get to take them along? Are they proficient in your language? I have lived in the United Stated for half of my life now -so hard to believe!- And I have been fortunate enough to travel back to Chile every so often. Now, that my husband and I have two young children, we are making the effort to go visit my…

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The Thousand Origami Cranes for Washington, IL

Let’s help children of Central Illinois create a symbol of our commitment to helping Washington, IL rebuild after being hit by the November 17th tornado. Because of how much we care about children and their emotional state, my husband has come up with this wonderful initiative called The Thousand Origami Cranes for Washington, IL. Our goal is to create a Thousand Origami Cranes! WHY? An ancient Japanese legend promises that if you fold 1,000 origami cranes you’ll be granted 1,000 years of good fortune. These cranes, strung together, are called “Senbazuru.” Though…

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Chica Chica Bum Bum, Alex Alex Bum Bum

We have all heard the saying “children say that darndest things” at some point in our lives. As a teacher and as I mom I get to hear all kinds of wonderful things from amazing new knowledge that they have acquired to the silliest quotable sayings. When children makes these types of comments, there are certain ones that I just have to share with the world! My son’s latest comment made me want to squeeze him, hugging him so hard,… and shower him with kisses.…

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