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Bilingual Learning Center

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The Lingua Garden Learning Experience

Lingua Garden is the only bilingual learning center in Central Illinois. Now it it's second year, Lingua Garden has expanded to offer morning and afternoon programming. For more information on each of our programs, please click here:

Why Choose Lingua Garden's Preschool Program?

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    Adaptive Methodology

    Just as no two children look or act alike, no teaching style is equally effective for everyone. We strive to understand the learning styles of each student and adapt our teaching approach to create the most effective learning environment for everyone.

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    Convenient Location

    Lingua garden is located in beautiful Heritage Square of Peoria Heights. We have access to ample outdoor space that is literally right outside our door, providing us with both play and educational opportunities year round. We are also within walking distance of the fantastic Peoria Heights shopping and restaurants.

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    Culture & Diversity

    Our curriculum is designed to expose children to not only other languages, but also other cultures. We welcome and embrace diversity.

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    Equal-Time Bilingual Education

    Children spend half of each day in English and the other half fully immersed in Spanish. The two languages are kept separate, but they share a common educational theme. Very quickly, the second language becomes another tool children will use to explore the broader academic goals to prepare them for the elementary school years to come.

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    Flexible Weekly Schedule

    Your child can attend our preschool program for as few as one or as many as five days a week, giving you the flexibility to choose a weekly schedule that is best for your needs.

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    Stimulating Curriculum

    Our goal is to kindle the natural curiosity found in every child while developing a strong ability to think critically and express themselves creatively. If we achieve this goal, the learning happens on its own.


  • “Her classes are full immersion and hands on adventures. Her creative nature definitely shows through in her lesson plans. She has an upbeat, loving personality that the kids adore […] We couldn’t be more pleased with Denise and are so thankful for the wonderful classes offered!”

    Wendy Ferrill

    Mother of two former participants. Both children were enrolled in our Spanish programs for over a year.

  • “Denise makes learning Spanish so much fun for the kids. I’ve always been amazed at how the classes flow – every activity is related to the main theme for the week, tying it all together. Denise has a great rapport with the kids, balancing fun and learning.
    These last several years learning Spanish with Denise have been beneficial and amazing!!!”

    Daniela Luce

    Mother of two participants. Both children have been enrolled in our Spanish programs for over 8 years.

  • “Now that I have children who are learning another language I see the added value for much more than a job after college. They are learning to express themselves, think, relate in another language. They are learning and gaining respect for other cultures and becoming more well rounded children. […] With Denise as their guide I know that they are in the most capable hands.”

    Kelly Scarfe

    Mother of two participants. Both children have been enrolled in our Spanish programs for over 8 years.

    Profile of Kelly Scarfe